Congratulations! You got the interview. Now it’s time to prepare for success. Below are a few interview tips for making a great impression. 

Distractions: Social Media, Tattoos and Piercings

Most companies will conduct an online search before inviting you to interview or immediately afterwards. Remove any compromising photos and secure social media accounts with privacy settings. Also establish a professional email address and voice mail message.

After an interview, you want to be remembered for what you said, not how you looked. Rather than b eing referred to the girl with a lip ring, you want to be known as the marketing specialist with branding experience. Remove all distractions to help the interviewer focus on you. That means covering tattoos and removing piercings to give yourself every possible advantage.

Dressing the Part

Business attire varies based on office culture and the type of work being performed. When you interview, you are there with the goal of securing a job. Wear a suit and be professional with everyone you meet. Even if you are concerned that you are being too formal, keep in mind that being overdressed leaves a better impression than being underdressed.

Time Matters

Your interview is scheduled for a specific time. Be there five to 10 minutes beforehand, no earlier. If you arrive too early, find a coffee shop to collect your thoughts and review your resume. If possible, drive to the location the day before so that you know how long it will take you to arrive.  Generally, there is no excuse for being late.

During the Interview

Ending the Interview

Close by restating your interest in the positions and clarify the next steps in the interview process. The company may require a second interview and/or background check before making an offer. Understand that the company is interviewing other candidates for the same position.

Send a thank you note restating your interest and how your experience is a great fit for the role.