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Carpentersville, IL

Posted 7 months ago

Seeking multiple Bulk Loaders for a contract-to-hire or Direct Hire opportunity in Carpentersville, IL. Our client is a global polymer manufacturing company looking for skilled Bulk Loaders to be responsible for unloading raw materials, performing inspections on all inbound & outbound deliveries, preparing equipment and permits for maintenance work, and more.
Key Points:

  • Career Growth – Our client is dedicated to training and growing their material handlers. As you grow within the company, you will receive promotions every 1-2 years with pay increases.
  • Strong Benefits – Our client provides excellent benefits to their employees, including a 401(k) with a company match, medical, dental, and vision insurance, FSA, Retirement Plans, and more. See our benefits information for more information.
  • Strong and Growing Company – Even during the height of the COVID pandemic, our client experienced no decrease in business. Their organization has continued to grow over the past couple of years and anticipates its continued growth. Working within their growing team further promises your career growth opportunity and job security.
  • Small Dynamic Teams – Our client features small and dynamic teams within their plant.
  • 12 – Hour Rotating Shift Schedule with Significant Off-Time – Material Handlers will work rotating 12-hour shifts and have a significant number of off days.
  • Overtime-Pay – The work schedule features built-in guaranteed overtime. There will also be an opportunity to work additional overtime hours for 1.5x of your base hourly pay rate.
  • Competitive Pay – Pay Rates differ based on your experience and expertise. The base pay starts at $19.50/hr for entry-level operators. Experienced operators will be given competitive hourly pay rates based on their experience and knowledge and will earn between $24-28/hr.

Both Entry-Level and Experienced Candidates are Encouraged to Apply!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • When needed, unload and load raw materials, such as phthalic, maleic, solvents, oils, and packaged goods.
  • As needed, move and taxi truck trailer around the plant site (Will only be driving trucks on plant property)
  • Determine the priorities of what needs to be loaded by using scheduled delivery times, shift notes, and loading agendas.
  • Spot drum trailers and tank wagons as needed around the site.
  • Perform inspections on all inbound & outbound deliveries to ensure package integrity, labeling, and shipping documents are correct and in shippable condition.
  • Collect samples (Pre-ship and Bottom) and ensure quality tests/checks are performed to maintain product quality.
  • Prepare equipment and permits for maintenance work.
  • Identify equipment requiring maintenance and report to supervision.
  • Will perform some batch mixing and loading
  • Assist in training new employees.
  • Write and update operating procedures.
  • Troubleshoot process problems as required.
  • Work with Operations to ensure loading priorities are determined to eliminate late deliveries and bottlenecks.
  • Collect samples (Pre-ship and Bottom) and ensure quality tests/checks are performed to maintain product quality.
  • Identify and complete all training needed to progress through the OCP Program.

Job Expectations:

  • Follow and promote all safety practices, procedures, and precautions.
  • Identify and report unsafe conditions, practices, and behaviors.
  • Properly maintain and use personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Complete all required HSE training within a defined timeframe.
  • Perform all duties and functions in compliance with the MOC(Management of Change) process.
  • Promote teamwork within the plant.
  • Proactively and willingly share knowledge, learnings, and issues with other sites.
  • Complete all training required by OSHA
  • Follow all policies and procedures without exception.
  • Complete all paperwork and ensure DOT compliance.
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work area.
  • Continuously focus on teamwork, communication, and doing your best to do a good job.
  • Communicate with supervision to ensure all delivery requirements are met.
  • Support company policies and programs.
  • Stay current with the process and procedure changes.
  • Use all computer-based systems as required by job duties.
  • Know safety equipment location and use.
Contact the Recruiter:
Gabrielle Tenuta Headshot
Gabrielle Tenuta
Sr. Talent Advisor
Gabrielle Tenuta Headshot
Gabrielle Tenuta
Sr. Talent Advisor
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