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Chemical Mixer


Houston, TX

Posted 1 month ago

Seeking to hire Chemical Mixers for a global polymer manufacturing company in Houston, TX. The Chemical Mixer will control, operate, or tend equipment in which a chemical change or reaction takes place in the processing of industrial or consumer products. Typical equipment used includes storage & blend tanks and batch-treating equipment.

Responsibilities include loading & drumming, maintaining inventory accuracy, unloading raw materials, loading finished goods, and other general production activities or any duties as directed by the Plant Manager or Production Manager. 

MAJOR PROCESSES include the following: (Other duties may be assigned).


  • Operates forklift and yard truck to load and unload trailers, tank wagons, and railcars.
  • Operates forklift to move materials within the plant facility.
  • Pre-stages raw materials and packaging per the batch card/slip for efficiency of the process to ensure materials are ready.



  • Reads plant specifications to ascertain product, ingredient, formulas, instructions, and prescribed modifications of plant procedures. 
  • Starts pumps and agitators, turns valves or moves controls of processing equipment to admit, transfer, filter, or mix chemicals, or to drain specified amounts of materials, impurities, or rating agents to or from equipment to prepare or further process materials.
  • Loads specified amounts of chemicals into processing equipment to manufacture a batch. 
  • Weighs, measures, counts, or mixes prescribed quantities of materials to manufacture a batch. 


  • Moves controls to adjust feed and flow through equipment in a specified sequence to maintain the system within specified operating conditions. 
  • Draws samples of products for testing by other employees.
  • Records data from instruments and gauges concerning temperature, pressure, materials used, and treating time in a log to maintain historical and quality records.
  • Operates or tends auxiliary equipment, such as heaters, and filters, to further process materials. 
  • Patrols work area to detect leaks and equipment malfunctions and monitor operating conditions.
  • Notifies maintenance and a supervisor of equipment malfunctions to ensure timely and quality production.
  • Assists maintenance in areas where needed to ensure efficient processes. 
  • Observes safety precautions to prevent fires and explosions. 


  • Responsible for testing raw materials, base resins, and finished goods per the proper procedures as outlined by the test methods, SAP, and masters to ensure quality products are being received and shipped.
  • Responsible for testing all final products and approval upon test results meeting specs as outlined per the Master.
  • Inputting data onto the SAP system for finished products.  
  • Assist in the verification system on QA equipment as assigned.
  • Responsible for calculating adjustments needed to products to ensure they meet all required specifications.
  • Perform in-process sample tests as outlined per the master.
  • Maintain sample log to help communicate status.
  • Print labels for all packaging as outlined per the formula master and/or AS400 system
  • Print C of A’s and fax when necessary on all bulk material shipments.
  • Print Packing Lists/Partial Feedback during weekends
  • Responsible for ensuring that the lab is kept clean and orderly.
  • Store retains in the proper area and dispose as needed after they meet the minimum retain storage as outlined by corporate directives.


  • Responsible for correct completion of batch tickets, process logs, and other documents and forms.
  • All lines on documents need to have signature, initials, and required information. If line item doesn't require any information, N/A must be written in on the line.
  • All Double Checks must be verified by another operator and initialed Double Check was verified.


  • Examines products or work to verify conformance to specifications.
  • Puts materials into drums, totes, or tank wagons or transfers to storage area to meet order requirements.
  • Records quantity filled and material location for tracking purposes.
  • Removes any materials that do not conform to specifications for re-packaging.


  • Follows instructions and requests from the leadman, Production Manager, and management.
  • Exchanges work information with and communicate well with other employees at shift change.


  • Keeps floor free from obstructions and other materials and keeps general work area clean.
  • Keeps work area, blend tanks, storage tanks, packaging equipment, and other operating equipment clean.
  • Drains equipment and solution through to flush and clean tanks or equipment.  
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Jenni McBride Headshot
Jenni McBride
Manager, Talent Advisory Solutions
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