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Red Hill, NC

Posted 4 weeks ago

We are seeking a Scientist for our client in Red Hill, NC. This role will be in charge of developing new concepts within a narrow focus area, investigating new concepts, and proposing specific next activities to achieve innovative scientific techniques, processes and criteria in one of the following focus areas: Ceramic sanitaryware, Glass, Glass recycling, advanced processed minerals, fillers for polymers or coatings, water treatment, construction, high purity quartz.


  • Take the lead in mid to long term T&I projects to investigate certain variables and achieve clear and specific project results within a narrow focus area.
  • Scan existing literature on relevant topic for specific research projects
  • Perform work that involves conventional types of plans, surveys, structures, … with relatively few complex features for which there are no precedents
  • Might need to perform uncongenial methods (out of the box) for really unknown territories
  • Elaborate new concepts and propose specific next activities
  • Execute instructions on specific assignment objectives, technical assistance on complex features and possible solutions.
  • Collaborate with the lab technicians and provide advise
  • Ensure qualitative and timely delivery of project objectives within predefined scope and budget.
  • Ensure qualitative and timely delivery of project objectives within predefined scope and budget.
  • Lead small projects
  • Participate in research talks, networking events to represent Sibelco at scientific conferences
  • Identify relevant partnerships
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Tyler Bellock
Talent Advisor
Tyler Bellock
Talent Advisor
(847) 430-8117
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