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Senior Quality Lab Technician


Minneapolis, MN

Posted 2 months ago

Lab Temps seeks a Senior Quality Lab Technician for our client in Minneapolis, MN.

Our client is a formulator, manufacturer, blender, distributor, and sales agent for thousands of industrial chemicals and reagent-grade laboratory chemicals sold to municipalities and businesses throughout the Central United States. Thousands of organizations across a variety of industries have depended on our client for the chemical products they need since 1938.

The Senior Quality Lab Technician is responsible for preserving, preparing, processing, and maintenance of lab samples.  This involves knowledge of complex and specialized lab support policies, programs, and practices while completing appropriate forms, documents, and databases, providing technical assistance to customers, and writing reports. A Senior Quality Lab Technician is expected to understand and run complex specialized instrumentation and complex analytical testing procedures to sustain and improve the Lab Quality Management System (LQMS).


  • Analytical testing using complex to specialized lab equipment, including preserving samples, completing sample preparation, documenting, and communicating results. 
  • Conduct and support investigative testing for samples received across the network.
  • Review and record test results, generate COA’s and release finished products based on results.
  • Perform Work Order review and assure all batches released have a COA on file.
  • Update instrumentation, methodologies, and training documents.
  • Execute retain sample process and maintenance.
  • Identify and quarantine non-conforming material.
  • Support dispositioning of non-conforming material.
  • Perform other miscellaneous related duties, as needed.
Contact the Recruiter:
Andrea Bavikatty
Talent Acquisition Advisor
Andrea Bavikatty
Talent Acquisition Advisor
(847) 692-0631
(847) 692-0631
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Senior Quality Lab Technician