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Technical Service Manager


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Posted 1 month ago

We are seeking a Technical Customer Service Manager, to aid with customer technical issues, customer service systems, and melt shop expertise. Has responsibility for technical customer services, systems, and support in multiple regions. Collects, analyzes, and reports product performance data and operation/furnace conditions to aid further development in the GE field. Develops and maintains customer relationships with key technical and operations stakeholders and acts as liaison with the key operations and technical stakeholders.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Managing external customer projects, analysis of potential customer technical improvements, and melt shop service systems development, deployment, and support for AC and DC furnaces, scrap charged or DRI charged for the carbon steel and stainless steel industries
  • Partners with the Technical Sales Group to define and support service/sales strategies
  • Analyze customers’ critical needs and drivers from a technical/manufacturing perspective to provide efficient and effective technical service systems and assist in determining the appropriate product for the application
  • Align customers’ melt shop business strategic intent from their manufacturing/operations perspective (e.g. new capital expenditures, new business, product development) to assure effective selection and utilization of products/services
  • Establishing potential agreements with customers
  • Defines budget, calculating benefits, proposals of win-win shares for both customer and internal, and accounting for project results
  • Assumes technical responsibility for successful project sequences, including, as needed, customer technical specialists, regional technical service efforts, and third parties (engineering consultants)
  • Ensures that work does not adversely impact the safety of customer personnel, customer production facilities, or customer environmental controls
  • Develops effective relationships with customers’ key technical/manufacturing personnel
  • Analyzes strengths and weaknesses of all graphite suppliers based on customer perceptions and results, as well as other market sources to competitively position our products and services
  • Align internal resources with our customers’ key decision drivers and proactively resolve their issues to increase customer satisfaction and gain market share
  • Support commercial/service strategies by integrating the technical and manufacturing knowledge of the customers into the overall commercial strategy
  • Report in a timely manner, each client visit through the company’s reporting system (database, standard visit reports, etc.)
  • Continuously improve overall technical proficiency of the commercial organization
  • Perform other duties as required that are in support of the department’s goals
  • Assist Technical Service Manager in defining, developing, and implementing customer-oriented services, systems, and projects
  • Analyze EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) operations utilizing electrical equipment and offer specific recommendations to improve electrode performance, EAF performance, and optimize customer production costs
  • Obtain and communicate EAF performance parameters to the Commercial, Technology, and Manufacturing departments
  • Support and document electrode trials under varying operating conditions in order to provide effective feedback to Technology and Manufacturing departments
  • Promote proper electrode handling and increase customer awareness of particular shop factors which affect electrode performance
  • Investigate customer complaints and concerns regarding the application, quality, and reliability of products at the customer’s location
  • Organize technical workshops and seminars with customers
  • Present technical papers, and publications in various technical or commercial events (AIST, METEC, SEAISI)
  • Establish relationships with various furnace designers for technical information exchange
  • Ensure proper documentation of projects and systems
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Kimberly Parks
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Kimberly Parks
Talent Advisor
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