Knowing when to Turn Down a Job Offer

Securing a job offer is always an exciting development, no matter if it’s your first official offer or the fiftieth. But what if there were some “red flags” during the interview process or the details of the job offer aren’t what you thought they would be?

Here are a few reasons why turning down an offer could actually be the right move for you. 

  • Growth – A new job should provide growth to your career in some way, whether it’s moving upward into a higher level position, breaking your way into a new industry, or finding a workplace that suits your character. If it doesn’t provide some facet of career growth, it’s important to consider if this move is actually worthwhile and beneficial to your future goals.
  • Compensation – This is one of the most important things to consider when reviewing a job offer. Your salary and benefits packages are crucial to your continued happiness in a position and it is imperative that you only accept what you are actually comfortable making. There are certain circumstances that may require you to accept a pay cut or reduced benefits. However, if there isn’t a good reason for taking a lower compensation package, you shouldn’t have to.
  • Timing – Company timing can also be a red flag that warrants close attention. An employer that rushes you through the interview process and doesn’t give you time to review your job offer can mean that they are desperate. On the other hand, a prolonged interview process or delayed job offer can mean that the company isn’t prepared to successfully bring someone onboard. These circumstances can provide some insight into the operational nature of the company, and you should consider if that environment is truly the best for you.
  • The Company –Employers do their best to make themselves and their positions look attractive during the interview process, which can be very persuasive and occasionally misleading. It’s essential to do your research before accepting a position with a new company so you can learn as much about them as possible from different sources. You should also pay attention to the employees you interact with during your interviews. Are they professional and polite, or are they inappropriate or off-putting? The office environment and employee behavior can tell you a ton about what a company is really like, and it’s important to think about whether it is a setting that you would be excited to work in every day.

Landing your dream job is the ultimate goal of the job search process. But even though finding a job that’s perfect in every way is unrealistic, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for a job that is wrong for you. Turning down an offer isn’t always the easiest decision but sometimes it’s the best one.